Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Famicom to SNES: Easy Peasy

SHHH! It's a secret to everybody.

Why have 2 systems to play the same region, when you can have one?
It has recently come to my attention that what I thought was common knowledge is actually a well kept secret. Turning your SNES into a Super Famicom playing superstar.

All it takes is a pair of wire snips or pliers, whatever suits your fancy.
That's it.
No, seriously.

Inside your Snes are 2 little tabs preventing you from inserting a SF cartridge. That's all that's preventing you from playing your game.
What are you waiting for? Take them out!

I found out years ago that most japanese copies of snes games are just THAT much cheaper becaues not too many people KNOW how to play them aside from getting an actual Super Famicom.

Being the cheapskate I am, I took advantage of this mod about 10 years ago and started buying SF carts. A great deal of my collection doesn't require any reading ie Turtles In Time and Super Bonk ala japonaise. Both were picked up at a fraction of the cost a North American cart would have cost.
The only turn off is the fact that the SF labels were so greatly designed that the stickers are only on the front of the cart and don't have the wrap around like the NA carts have.
...But that's nothing a little alphabetical order can't fix... Or a sharpie.

So, yeah. If you're not too picky about what the INSIDE of your snes looks like, get snappin, literally and enjoy those japanese titles you've always wanted to try.

For a more detailed look into the procedure check this out for photos and directions:

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