Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is making my brain hurt...


Back story: Rental Place has game for sale. Game is purchased. Game is in Japanese. Game is NOT a famicom cart.

If you have the answer that is NOT "it's a board switch" let me know. I have seen a few other cases documented on gamefaqs and one other board with confused people like me asking teh same questions.
Was there a pre-english release only let out to rental places? I know that rentals come out sometimes many months before movies/games(?) are released to the public.

Is this my answer?
I'm going to lose sleep over this.

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Emily said...

I have no clue how that could happen. The only other thing I could think of beside "board replacement", was that maybe this particular cart had an error in programming that made it so the text didn't translate properly. Wow, that is strange.