Monday, December 8, 2008

Like a punch to the gut...

well, the advice given to me was right. School is busy. So busy in fact that i've not touched a single sprite related project since August. I may have something to share later after my 3 week "break" between semesters...assuming i get my homework done. Who gets homework over the holidays, honestly...

I wish i had more exciting news, but there's really not much going on on my end right now. I have a pile of nes games to play that I bought ages ago. good thing my counterpart keeps me entertained with lovely symphony of 8-bit background music while i work.

If you haven't played FF3 nes I highly recommend it. Be it on an emu or custom cart(yes, I HAD to have it done after finding a copy of SMB2 with all of its pins) you won't be disappointed. I had forgot how great it really was until my boyfriend started playing it on me.

PS don't mind the blurry photo... my desktop had a stroke followed by a heart attack, followed by cancer. You get the picture.

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